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I'm a little rusty on my VB.NET especially when converting to SQL. I thought I had a simple task of hiding 2 buttons unless a checkbox is checked. The checkbox is bound to a SQL Server column with a bit data type.

My code is as follows:

Private Sub CaseVehicleCollisionCheckBox1_CheckedChanged(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles CaseVehicleCollisionCheckBox1.CheckedChanged
    Dim collision As System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlBinary
    collision = CaseVehicleCollisionCheckBox1

    If collision = True Then
        btnVehicle1.Visible = True
        btnVehicle2.Visible = True
    ElseIf collision = False Then
        btnVehicle1.Visible = False
        btnVehicle2.Visible = False
    End If

End Sub

I keep getting the error

Value of type 'System.Windows.Forms.CheckBox' cannot be converted to 'System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlBinary'

when trying to assign the checkbox to the variable.

I get the same error when trying to use System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlBoolean

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"The checkbox is bound to an SQL field " - huh? –  Mitch Wheat Apr 15 '13 at 4:18
Just use a Boolean –  Jeremy Thompson Apr 15 '13 at 4:26
@JeremyThompson - same results –  jstacy00 Apr 15 '13 at 4:28
Once you're using Boolean rather than SqlBinary, also note that there's no need for the If statement. Just say btnVehicle1.Visible = collision and btnVehicle2.Visible = collision. –  Damien_The_Unbeliever Apr 15 '13 at 7:23

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The problem is you are casting a CheckBox control to a SQLBinary datatype and that isn't going to work.

I presume CaseVehicleCollisionCheckBox1 is the name of the CheckBox. You need to use the CheckBoxes Checked property, eg:

Dim collision As Boolean
collision = CaseVehicleCollisionCheckBox1.Checked
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Thanks! that worked. –  jstacy00 Apr 15 '13 at 11:14
@jstacy00 your welcome, there's a tickbox next to each answer, ticking it gives you a couple of points and saves people from spending time troubleshooting this by letting them know its working. Cheers! –  Jeremy Thompson Apr 15 '13 at 22:22

Use SqlBoolean instead of sqlBinary. sqlBinary is the sql equivalent of an array of bytes.

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