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I have three tables empUser,phone,address and those are created into emp_phone_address tables. The table struture was

 create table empuser(
    empid number(10),//PK
    empname varchar2(50),
    dob date)

   create table phone{
    phoneid number(10),//PK
    home number(14) ,
    CELL NUMBER(14))

   create table address(
    addressid number(10),
    address1 varchar2(50),
    city varchar2(50),
    state varchar2(50),
    country varcahr2(50),
    pincode number(6));

    create table emp_phone_address(
    emphaddid number(10) //pk,
    addressid number(10),//fk_address(addressid)
    phoneid number(10),//fk_phone(phoneid)
    empid number(10)//fk_empuser(empid));

I created the Domain objects in hibernate like

public class empPhoneaddress{
int emphaddid;
Address address;
Phone phone;
EmpUser empUser;


public class EmpUser{
  int empid ;
  String  empname;
  Date dob;
 @JoinTable(name = "empPhoneaddress",
    joinColumns = {
      @JoinColumn(name="empid", unique = true)           
    inverseJoinColumns = {


In this scenario,How to add muliple columns using JoinTable or is there any alternative?.But finally emp_phone_address table should add one record for employee id like

select * from phone;

phoneid      home         CELL 
1          0989182      1982020

addressid    address1    city     state     country      pincode 
1               xxxx     xxxx      xxxx      xxxx          xxxxx
2               xxxxx    xs         ss       ss            xxxxx

select * from emp_phone_address;

 emphaddid addressid  phoneid   empid 
  1             2      1          1  

Please help me.

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Your associations are not very clear. Why do you use the same table to make the association between an employee and its phone(s), and between the employee and its address(es)? – JB Nizet Apr 15 '13 at 7:21
Employee and Phone,EMPLOYEE AND ADDRESS IF CONFIGURED,The data was inserted into two records int emp_phone_address table.That is reason I trying with Single Assoication.what is the alternative way? – tech2504 Apr 15 '13 at 9:13
That doesn't help me much. What's the association between employee and phone: one to one? one to many? many to many? Same question for employee and address. And is there a link between an address and a phone? – JB Nizet Apr 15 '13 at 10:23

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