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I recently updated my GAE SDK and soon after the update, it has started acting up. I am using Google Cloud SQL in backend with Django 1.4.3. On my local dev server, it gives the following error :

No valid OAuth 2.0 credentials. Before using the Google SQL Service backend on dev_appserver, you must first run " syncdb" and proceed through the given instructions to fetch an OAuth 2.0 token.

I have tried removing cacert.txt as well as removing google sql authentication from my home directory to re-obtain authentication via running python syncdb, but it does not help.

The same question has been raise here with a "patch" provided:

I tried changing my as per the patch. But no effect.

Any help ?

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Is there a file ~/.googlesql_oauth2.dat as described in Django Support ( – Lee Jul 13 '14 at 1:05

I had the same problem, and this solved it for me:

  1. copy the refresh_token from the google oauth .dat json file
  2. added in app.yaml:

env_variables: GOOGLE_SQL_OAUTH2_REFRESH_TOKEN: "here the copied token"

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