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I have this page where I append my h1-tag with jquery like:

  $('.name').append('<h1 style="margin-bottom=20px;">' + name +'</h1>');

The h1 tag, and the content of the tag, displays nicely, but when I test my page in various seo tools ( for example this one: I get the message that the page has no h1 tag.

Which of course is not so good from a seo point of view. Does anyonme recognize this problem? On a similar note: On the homepage I print out a list with with a javascript for loop and append the listing html and content:

    $('#list').append("<div class='point'><a href='" + str + "&id=" + id + "' onmouseover='infoShow(" + i + ")'  onmouseout='infoClose(" + i + ")'><H3>" + titel + 
"</H3></a><div class='address'>" + name + "</div>" + trivsel + "<div class='star"+i+"'></div></div></a>");    

I looks fine on the page, but when I look at googles cahced version of the site, the listing is not there and the page looks blank.

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Web crawlers don't execute your JavaScript, so the <h1> tag isn't created. If you want this tag to be visible to web crawlers, you need to generate it with your serverside language.

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Ok, I suspected this. Thank's! – user1009453 Apr 15 '13 at 6:18

What are you expecting? The "different seo tools" like the one you linked does not execute any javascript (usually). They work with the original state of your HTML.

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