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I am new in python programming. I have come to piece of program in which

if (pos.x//1,pos.y//1) not in self.cleaned:

is used. It might be silly of me. But can anyone please tell me what the code means. And please tell me the function of "//".

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Take a look at this: stackoverflow.com/questions/183853/… –  adchilds Apr 15 '13 at 6:38
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The / operator does a floating-point division, the // operator does integer division.

For example:

>>> 10/4   #will be 2.5
>>> 10//4  #will be 2

Note that this is from python 3.

In python 2. if you try it, you'll get:

>>> 10/4     #will be 2
>>> 10.0/4   #will be 2.5
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It is the explicit floor division operator.

5 // 2 # 2

In Python 2.x and below the / would do integer division if both of the operands were integers and would do floating point division if at least one argument was a float.

In Python 3.x this was changed, and the / operator does floating-point division and the // operator does floor division.



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a // b is floor division. It's basically floor(a / b), but it preserves the number type.

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