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I am trying to return values from a query adding a column for the row position without adding an identity column. I don't want the absolute position in the table, but the position in the query result

Suppose I have a table like this

 FLD_A     FLD_B   FLD_C
 a         A       t
 b         B       t
 c         C       p
 d         D       p
 ..        ..

and the select query is

 select FLD_A,FLD_B from My_Tbl where FLD_C='p'

 c         C      
 d         D      

What do I have in Db2 to add in my query to get each row counted in that output?

 POS       FLD_A    FLD_B
 1         c         C      
 2         d         D      
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Check this stackoverflow.com/questions/1079480/… , I hope this will answer your question. –  Torukmakto Apr 15 '13 at 7:29

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Use row_number(). It will only count the rows that are actually returned.

select  row_number() over (order by FLD_A,FLD_B) as POS,
    from My_Tbl 
    where FLD_C='p'
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