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I have an application which can require some of .dlls i.e mfc71u.dll, msvcp71.dll, msvcr71.dll while running.

Is there any Microsoft updates are there which can update visual studio 2005 so that I can install and my system can get that .dlls.

Thanks, Kamal.

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Visual Studio 2005 is version 8.0 meaning ATL8.0, mfc80.dll, etc, ATL7.1, mfc71u.dll belongs to visual studio 2003. – Shay Erlichmen Oct 21 '09 at 14:08
Thanks your quick reply . So i have to install vs 2003 or is there any service pack which can give this .dlls. – KamalBhr Oct 22 '09 at 5:54

The application has been created using Visual Studio 2003. You can install Visual C++ .NET Runtime.

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