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How to find a specific method in the list of members of the class. Which opens after pressing Ctr+Space with Content Assist in Eclipse.

For example, a members list of class File:


If the open list then type the word "Line": MS VS - showing only the methods (readLine and writeLine). Eclipse - will close the list of members. Since looking for entering the beginning of the word.

Can the Eclispe just do a search in the list of members as MS VS?

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Enter "line" instead of "Line" or disable Camel case matching in the Java Content Assist preferences.

Eclipse allows power users to shorten searches by taking upper case characters as sub-word start characters, e.g. searching for NPE will directly show you "NullPointerException". You probably trigger that search and it does no longer search for other sub word matches.

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case does not matter. as soon as I try to enter the substring to search for. the window is closed! –  Mixer Apr 15 '13 at 12:37

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