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My problem: how can I inject a File in my class using the Environment variable?

I specify in a properties the path of a file I need to read:


I used to have an XML application context defining a property-placeholder for that properties.file and then I simply could inject my file using the @Value:

private File myFile;

Yet, now I'd like to do something like:

private Environment environment;

private File myFile;

private void init() {
    myFile = environment.getProperty("myFile.path", File.class);

But an Exception is thrown:

Caused by: java.io.FileNotFoundException: 
    classpath:myFile.json (No such file or directory)

I also tried something like myFile = environment.getProperty("myFile.path", Resource.class).getFile(); but an other exception is thrown.

How can I achieve to inject my file knowing that the path defined in the properties can be absolute or classpath relative?

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You can try injecting the ResourceLoader, and use it to load the referenced classpath resource:

private ResourceLoader resourceLoader;


private void init() {
    String resourceReference = environment.getProperty("myFile.path");
    Resource resource = resourceLoader.getResource(resourceReference);
    if (resource != null) {
        myFile = resource.getFile();
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It seems to work! Thanks :) –  Jean Logeart Apr 15 '13 at 9:10

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