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I need a CLR Regex for fractions or whole numbers and fractions where

1/2 is correct 12 2/3 is correct too

and a minus sign can popup just before any number.

I first came up with -?([0-9]* )?-?[0-9]+\/-?[0-9]+ but that seems to allow 2/7 12 too for example.

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Well, that regex would be in two parts, the (optional) whole number:

(:?-?\d+ )?

and the fractional part:


And we need to match the complete string; so:

^(:?-?\d+ )?-?\d+/-?\d+$

Testing a bit:

PS> $re=[regex]'^(:?-?\d+ )?-?\d+/-?\d+$'
PS> "1/2","12 1/2","-12 2/3","-5/8","5/-8"|%{$_ -match $re} | gu

However, this allows for "-12 -2/-3" as well, or things like "1 -1/2" which don't make much sense.

ETA: Your original regex works, too. It just lacked the anchors for begin and end of the string (^ and $, respectively). Adding those make it work correctly.

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tx, and you are right 1 -1/2 doesn't make sense, making it more complicated : -1/2 shoud be possible but 1 -1/2 not.. –  Peter Oct 21 '09 at 14:34

I just had a similar requirement, but I wanted to match decimal numbers as well. I came up with the following regex


Or just this if you don't want named groups


To remove the decimal number from validating, it would be shortened to


Hope this helps someone!

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