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How can i scroll a text view over an imageview something like in the facebook application

I have an array of images and must be scrolled horizontally which i could manage, But in each image the description of the image but be scrolled upwards above the image something like i shown in the image. How it is possible?

Thanx Jacu

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Use a (horizontal) UIScrollView that contains UIView's. Each of the UIView's then contains an UIImageView, and another (vertical) UIScrollView that contains the UITextView's.

Make sure that:

  • the contentSize.height of the horizontal UIScrollView is smaller than or equal to its height
  • the contentSize.width of the vertical UIScrollView is smaller than or equal to its width
  • the UIImageView is added before the UIScrollView to the containing UIView
  • the background of the UITextView is (semi-)transparent

By the way, if the text is not editable, then you'll be better off using UILabel instead of UITextView

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thanks for the help. It works :) –  Navn Apr 15 '13 at 10:08

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