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in oracle

I want to show the digits between underscore and dot

For example : pSE1001335806_17950.dat So column will be = 17950

But for : pSE1001311462_4558.dat The column will be = 4558

How can I do that????

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You can use a regular expression for this; if you can generalise it so the second block of alphanumeric characters, then something this simple would work:

regexp_substr(<value>, '([[:alnum:]]+)', 1, 2)

With a CTE to generate your sample values:

with files as
    select 'pSE1001335806_17950.dat' as filename from dual
    union all select 'pSE1001311462_4558.dat' from dual
select regexp_substr(filename, '([[:alnum:]]+)', 1, 2)
from files;

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One way:

select regexp_replace('pSE1001335806_17950.dat','.*_([0-9]+).dat','\1') from dual
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