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i have a column in a table: Status which has the following values: P, A, E, C....

because i show this values on a jsp page i would like to map this values to: P-> processing, A->.... E-> errror , C-> Completed

so i did this a class for mapping the values:

import java.util.HashMap;

public class FactoryStatusValue {

private static final HashMap<String, String> statusValues;

    statusValues = new HashMap<String, String>(){{
        put("N","Da processare");
        put("A","Attivà manuale");

public static String getValue(String key){
    return statusValues.get(key);

and in the entity i did this:

  * The persistent class for the SETT_TB_BATCHREQUEST database table.
 public class SettTbBatchrequest implements Serializable {
private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

@SequenceGenerator(name="SETT_TB_BATCHREQUEST_UIDBATCHREQUEST_GENERATOR", sequenceName="SEQ_SETT_TB_BATCHREQUEST" , allocationSize = 1)
@GeneratedValue(strategy=GenerationType.SEQUENCE, generator="SETT_TB_BATCHREQUEST_UIDBATCHREQUEST_GENERATOR")
@Column(unique=true, nullable=false, precision=19)
private Long uidbatchrequest;

private String note;

@Column(name="\"PARAMETER\"", length=1024)
private String parameter;

private String pdr;

private String plant;

private BigDecimal prognum;

private String ratecode;

private String relco;

@Temporal( TemporalType.DATE)
private Date scheddate;

@Column(name="SETT_DISCO", nullable=false, length=64)
private String settDisco;

@Temporal( TemporalType.TIMESTAMP)
private Date settTime;

@Column(name="SETT_USER", length=64)
private String settUser;

@Temporal( TemporalType.DATE)
private Date starttime;

@Column(nullable=false, length=1)
private String status;

@Temporal( TemporalType.TIMESTAMP)
private Date stoptime;

//bi-directional many-to-one association to SettTbBatchprocess
@JoinColumn(name="PROCESSNUM", nullable=false)
private SettTbBatchprocess settTbBatchprocess;

//bi-directional many-to-one association to SettTbStoricoRettifica
private List<SettTbStoricoRettifica> settTbStoricoRettificas;

public SettTbBatchrequest() {

public long getUidbatchrequest() {
    return this.uidbatchrequest;

public void setUidbatchrequest(long uidbatchrequest) {
    this.uidbatchrequest = uidbatchrequest;

public String getNote() {
    return this.note;

public void setNote(String note) {
    this.note = note;

public String getParameter() {
    return this.parameter;

public void setParameter(String parameter) {
    this.parameter = parameter;

public String getPdr() {
    return this.pdr;

public void setPdr(String pdr) {
    this.pdr = pdr;

public String getPlant() {
    return this.plant;

public void setPlant(String plant) {
    this.plant = plant;

public BigDecimal getPrognum() {
    return this.prognum;

public void setPrognum(BigDecimal prognum) {
    this.prognum = prognum;

public String getRatecode() {
    return this.ratecode;

public void setRatecode(String ratecode) {
    this.ratecode = ratecode;

public String getRelco() {
    return this.relco;

public void setRelco(String relco) {
    this.relco = relco;

public Date getScheddate() {
    return this.scheddate;

public void setScheddate(Date scheddate) {
    this.scheddate = scheddate;

public String getSettDisco() {
    return this.settDisco;

public void setSettDisco(String settDisco) {
    this.settDisco = settDisco;

public Date getSettTime() {
    return this.settTime;

public void setSettTime(Date settTime) {
    this.settTime = settTime;

public String getSettUser() {
    return this.settUser;

public void setSettUser(String settUser) {
    this.settUser = settUser;

public Date getStarttime() {
    return this.starttime;

public void setStarttime(Date starttime) {
    this.starttime = starttime;

public String getStatus() {
    return FactoryStatusValue.getValue(this.status);

public void setStatus(String status) {
    this.status = FactoryStatusValue.getValue(status);

public Date getStoptime() {
    return this.stoptime;

public void setStoptime(Date stoptime) {
    this.stoptime = stoptime;

public SettTbBatchprocess getSettTbBatchprocess() {
    return this.settTbBatchprocess;

public void setSettTbBatchprocess(SettTbBatchprocess settTbBatchprocess) {
    this.settTbBatchprocess = settTbBatchprocess;

public List<SettTbStoricoRettifica> getSettTbStoricoRettificas() {
    return this.settTbStoricoRettificas;

public void setSettTbStoricoRettificas(List<SettTbStoricoRettifica> settTbStoricoRettificas)         {
    this.settTbStoricoRettificas = settTbStoricoRettificas;


but the table shows always : E, P, A, C..... why??

for completenss this is the jsp page

  <%@ taglib uri="http://www.sun.com/webui/webuijsf" prefix="webuijsf"%>
  <%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1" pageEncoding="ISO-8859-1"%>
  <%@ taglib prefix="f"  uri="http://java.sun.com/jsf/core"%>
  <%@ taglib prefix="h"  uri="http://java.sun.com/jsf/html"%>
<f:loadBundle basename="it.eni.italgas.sam.web.dictionary"
    var="bundle" />
<webuijsf:page id="page1"  rendered="#{UserBean.userEnabled}">
    <webuijsf:html id="html1">
        <webuijsf:head id="head1" parseOnLoad="false"
            title="Pagina di prova2" webuiOnLoad="false">
            <webuijsf:link id="link1" url="/resources/stylesheet.css" />
        <webuijsf:body id="body1" style="-rave-layout: grid"

        <webuijsf:form id="form1">
            <webuijsf:label id="label3" 
            style="font-size: 14px; left: 24px; top: 24px; position: absolute" 

            <webuijsf:button id="button3" actionExpression="#{guiRisultati_02.button1_action}" style="height: 24px; left: 48px; top: 120px; position: absolute; width: 96px" text="#{bundle.refresh}"/>

            <!-- inizio tabella -->
            <webuijsf:table id="table1" paginateButton="true"
                style="height: 52px; left: 48px; top: 168px; position: absolute; width: 1840px"
                <webuijsf:tableRowGroup id="tableRowGroup2" rows="10"
                    sourceData="#{GUISessionBeanDisplayRett.provider}" sourceVar="richiesta">
                    <webuijsf:tableColumn headerText="#{bundle.UidBatchrequest}"
                        id="tableColumn13" sort="uidbatchrequest">
                        <webuijsf:staticText id="staticText11"
                            text="#{richiesta.value.uidbatchrequest}" />
                    <webuijsf:tableColumn headerText="#{bundle.Scheddate}"
                        id="tableColumn7" sort="scheddate">
                        <webuijsf:staticText id="staticText12"
                            text="#{richiesta.value.scheddate}" />
                    <webuijsf:tableColumn headerText="#{bundle.DataInizio}"
                        id="tableColumn5" sort="starttime">
                        <webuijsf:staticText id="staticText13"
                            text="#{richiesta.value.starttime}" />
                    <webuijsf:tableColumn headerText="#{bundle.DataFine}"
                        id="tableColumn6" sort="stoptime">
                        <webuijsf:staticText id="staticText14"
                            text="#{richiesta.value.stoptime}" />
                    <webuijsf:tableColumn headerText="#{bundle.Status}"
                        id="tableColumn8" sort="status">
                        <webuijsf:staticText id="staticText15"
                            text="#{richiesta.value.status}" />
                    <webuijsf:tableColumn headerText="#{bundle.SdV}"
                        id="tableColumn9" sort="relco">
                        <webuijsf:staticText id="staticText16"
                            text="#{richiesta.value.relco}" />
                    <webuijsf:tableColumn headerText="#{bundle.Impianto}"
                        id="tableColumn10" sort="plant">
                        <webuijsf:staticText id="staticText17"
                            text="#{richiesta.value.plant}" />
                    <webuijsf:tableColumn headerText="#{bundle.Pdr}"
                        id="tableColumn11" sort="pdr">
                        <webuijsf:staticText id="staticText18"
                            text="#{richiesta.value.pdr}" />
                    <webuijsf:tableColumn headerText="#{bundle.Parametri}"
                        id="tableColumn12" sort="parameter">
                        <webuijsf:staticText id="staticText19"
                            text="#{richiesta.value.parameter}" />

                    <webuijsf:tableColumn headerText="#{bundle.DataUltimaModifica}"
                        id="tableColumn200" sort="settTime">
                        <webuijsf:staticText id="staticText200"
                            text="#{richiesta.value.settTime}" />

                    <!-- colonne di modifica -->
                    <webuijsf:tableColumn id="tableColumn2" styleClass="buttonColumn">
                        <webuijsf:button actionExpression="#{guiRisultati_02.button4_action}"
                            id="button5" text="#{bundle.BottoneDettagli}">
                                value="#{richiesta.value.uidbatchrequest}" />
                    <!-- parte colonna con eliminazione -->




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can you show your jsp? –  sanbhat Apr 15 '13 at 9:36
yes i edit the question –  T-student Apr 15 '13 at 9:38
I think i failed to understand problem, which table still shows E,A, P... ? jsp table OR database table? –  sanbhat Apr 15 '13 at 9:44
Entity gets values from table of the Db, Jsp get the values from the Entity... –  T-student Apr 15 '13 at 9:49
Is it related to the order in which you insert data into map, then you can use LinkedHashMap to retain order of insertion –  Brijesh Apr 15 '13 at 10:02

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I have often observed that hibernate doesn't invoke your entity's getter while accessing value for a particular field.

For example, if status is a field, and someone tries to call getStatus(), hibernate doesn't invoke your entity's getStatus() method.

So it would be better to declare a transient field (not mapped to a column) called longStatus (say) in your entity class and have a getter for it like below.

private transient longStatus;   

public String getLongStatus() {
  return FactoryStatusValue.getValue(this.status);

You may need to modify your jsp to access the entity.longStatus instead of entity.status.

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ok let me try thank you very much –  T-student Apr 15 '13 at 10:06
you are a genius man!!! please can you explain me why Transient keyword is needed ?? –  T-student Apr 15 '13 at 11:53
transient keyword makes hibernate ignore that field when it comes to mapping. If a field is declared as transient then hibernate will not try to map it to any column in the table, the entity is pointing to. Since longStatus was just onetime non-persistent field in your entity class, making it transient made sense –  sanbhat Apr 15 '13 at 12:47
please i m sorry if i come back on this question but .. makeing it persistent what dose change? (not persistent means it is not stored on file or somewhere and can be changed at runtime ? ) –  T-student Jul 16 '13 at 9:28

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