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I have table like this

ID   Name  Value fk_table
1    edd   3      1 
2    tom   1      2
3    emi   2     NULL 

And second table

1   3
2   3

How to create query who will be sum value from table1 and table2 if is a foreign key, or will output only value from table1 if isn't fk

return $this->getEntityManager()
                    ->createQuery('SELECT t1.name, SUM(t1.value as value +t2.value) 
                                   FROM AcmeBlogBundle:Table1 t1
                                   LEFT JOIN t1.table2 t2')

I want result like this

edd 6
tom 5
emi 2

I use doctrine and Symfony2

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1 - You haven't specified the conditions you are joining on

2 - SUM function does not work like that - it sums aggregate on whole column, you just need a +

3 - Using COALESCE to ensure the missing values are replaced with 0

FROM Table1 T1
LEFT JOIN Table2 T2 ON T1.fk_table = T2.ID

SQLFiddleDemo (SQL Server in example, but should also work fine with other SQL flavors)

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Your problem is that NULL 'zaps the life out of everything'. Adding it to any other value results in NULL. You should use COALESCE(t2.value, 0) to ensure it results a valid integer that doesn't interfere with the sum.

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