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I simply have a huge array in a string like this:

"test", "blabla", "anothertest", "et", "cetera"

I need to be able to convert it to an array, preferable without the " "'s still left over. I have no idea how javascript would be able to do this, but I heard JSON was able to do something like this.

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JSON is fine indeed:

var string = '"test", "blabla", "anothertest", "et", "cetera"';
JSON.parse('[' + string + ']');

Keep in mind that string must respect the JSON syntax. More precisely, you have to check that double quotes are used, the separator is a comma and so on.

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Thank you, this is perfect. – Maarten Boogaard Apr 15 '13 at 13:24

If your string contains data in quotes, and separated with comma, it almost valid json. Just do this

var myparsedarray = JSON.parse("[" + yourstring + "]");
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