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I have a Moodle with a SSO.

Users sign onto a site and click on a link to come to my Moodle.

When they arrive, I want to enroll them on every course on my Moodle.

However, I am unable to get the sql to work.

Here is what I have:

$ra = new object();
$ra->roleid = 5;
$ra->contextid = $contextid;
$ra->userid = $user->id;
$ra->hidden = 0;
$ra->enrol = 'manual';
//$ra->enrol = 'self';
/// Always round timestart downto 100 secs to help DBs to use their own caching algorithms
/// by repeating queries with the same exact parameters in a 100 secs time window
$ra->timestart = 0;
$ra->timeend = 0;
$ra->timemodified = time();
$ra->modifierid = 0;

// Enrol the User for the Course
$ra->id = $DB->insert_record('role_assignments',$ra);
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Not enough information to go on. What error do you get? Can we see the whole block of code rather than just this section, so that we can see where $contextid is being set? –  CMR Apr 17 '13 at 12:01
The problem is that I get no error. I just thought that a Moodle user had experienced the same issue. –  user1882752 Apr 18 '13 at 14:10
Have you get error reporting enabled to its highest level? If you post the full block of code I may be able to help, but with only that there's nothing I can suggest really. –  CMR Apr 18 '13 at 22:09

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You can use auto enrol plugin for the purpose of enrolment. When the user clicks into course they get automatically enrolled to the courses by use of this plugin. Try this


Vinoth kannan

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To enroll a user, a following code snippet might be useful It emulates manual enrollments in an automated way.

function enroll_user($userid, $course, $modifier) {                                                
    global $DB;                                                                                    
    $enrolData = $DB->get_record('enrol', array('enrol'=>'manual', 'courseid'=>$course));          
    $user_enrolment = new stdClass();                                                              
        $user_enrolment->enrolid = $enrolData->id;                                                 
        $user_enrolment->status = '0';                                                             
        $user_enrolment->userid = $userid;                                                         
        $user_enrolment->timestart = time();                                                       
        $user_enrolment->timeend =  '0';                                                           
        $user_enrolment->modifierid = $modifier;                                                   
        //Modifierid in this table is userid who enrolled this user manually
        $user_enrolment->timecreated = time();                                                     
        $user_enrolment->timemodified = time();                                                    
    $insertId = $DB->insert_record('user_enrolments', $user_enrolment);                            
    //addto log                                                                                    
    $context = $DB->get_record('context', array('contextlevel'=>50, 'instanceid'=>$course));          
    $role = new stdClass();                                                                        
        $role->roleid = 5;                                                                         
        $role->contextid = $context->id;                                                           
        $role->userid = $userid;                                                                   
        $role->component = '';                                                                     
        $role->itemid = 0;                                                                         
        $role->timemodified = time();                                                              
        $role->modifierid = $modifier;                                                             
    $insertId2 = $DB->insert_record('role_assignments', $role);                                    
    add_to_log($course, '', $modifierid, 'automated');                
    return array('user_enrolment'=>$insertId, 'role_assignment'=>$insertId2);                      


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This is the way I automatically enroll students to courses. You just have to manipulate it a little bit to use it for all course ids. I hope this helps you.

// enroll student to course (roleid = 5 is student role)
function enroll_to_course($courseid, $userid, $roleid=5, $extendbase=3, $extendperiod=0)  {
    global $DB;

    $instance = $DB->get_record('enrol', array('courseid'=>$courseid, 'enrol'=>'manual'), '*', MUST_EXIST);
    $course = $DB->get_record('course', array('id'=>$instance->courseid), '*', MUST_EXIST);
    $today = time();
    $today = make_timestamp(date('Y', $today), date('m', $today), date('d', $today), 0, 0, 0);

    if(!$enrol_manual = enrol_get_plugin('manual')) { throw new coding_exception('Can not instantiate enrol_manual'); }
    switch($extendbase) {
        case 2:
            $timestart = $course->startdate;
        case 3:
            $timestart = $today;
    if ($extendperiod <= 0) { $timeend = 0; }   // extendperiod are seconds
    else { $timeend = $timestart + $extendperiod; }
    $enrolled = $enrol_manual->enrol_user($instance, $userid, $roleid, $timestart, $timeend);
    add_to_log($course->id, 'course', 'enrol', '../enrol/users.php?id='.$course->id, $course->id);

    return $enrolled;
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