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In Emacs + ESS, I can start R console by

M-x R Return

On my system, auto-complete-mode isn't enabled by now. I have to

M-x auto-complete-mode Return

to enable it.

Is there a way to enable it automaticly?

1 OS:       Ubuntu  12.10   64-bit
2 R:        2.15.1
3 Emacs:    24.1.1
4 ESS:      12.04-4



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You can set the ess-use-auto-complete variable to t, either via customize or with the following in your .emacs :

(setq ess-use-auto-complete t)
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Thanks, I've added it to my .emacs; however, it doesn't work, (even after system reboot:( – Nick Apr 15 '13 at 15:30

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