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I am trying to get a menu to slide in and out from the left hand side when an icon is clicked. I get this working without issue, however I need to have the menu behave slightly different depending on the browser size. I therefore need to know the browser width on document ready and on resize. I cant seem to get this working well at all, it either doesn't activate the correct 'onclick' function according to screen size or it activates multiple times. I have tried many different variations of the below. Can any one please assist. I have created a jsFiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/cDppA/42/ initiate

 var menuInitialized = false;

function doMenu() {
    var width = $(window).width(); 

    if (width < 550) {

         if (!menuInitialized) {
              $('.icon-menu-2').on('click', function (event) { 
            menuInitialized = true;
    } else if ((width < 800) && (width > 550)) {
        if (menuInitialized) {
             $('.icon-menu-2').on('click', function (event) { 
            menuInitialized = false;

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Every time you use .on('click', function(){}), you add a binding to the click event, not just replacing it as I assume you expected. So what ends up happening is that it's called several time on clicking. You can resolve this be unbinding the click event before binding again, using $('.icon-menu').unbind('click');. I've only modified line 5 on your fiddle here

Additionally, my screen is larger than 800px, so if I click when my screen is maximized, nothing happens since neither of your if conditions cover >800 .

Let me know if it works or if you have any questions :)

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that works, can't believe its such a simple solution - thanks! I don't need it to work for anything above 800px as a static menu will be displayed. –  LeeTee Apr 15 '13 at 11:08

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