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Following is my code snipet:

   this.segmentsList = { segments: [] };
   this.segmentfields = [ {name: 'pvName', mapping : 'pvName'},         
                          {name: 'tierName', mapping : 'tierName'}] 
   this.segmentsStore = new{
                         fields : this.segmentfields,
                         autoLoad: true,         
                         data   : this.segmentsList,            
                         root   : 'segments'         


this.datatieringSelectModel = new Ext.selection.CheckboxModel({checkOnly:true});
      this.segmentsGrid = new Ext.grid.Panel({
         autoScroll : true
         ,id: 'segmentsGrid'
         ,store: this.segmentsStore
         ,border: true
         ,columns: [           
              {header : 'TierName',  sortable: false, dataIndex: 'tierName'}
             ,{header : 'PV Name', sortable: false, dataIndex: 'pvName'}
         ,viewConfig: {forceFit: true}
         ,enableColumnHide : true
         ,stripeRows: true
  this.datatieringSelectModel.on('select', this.checkboxSelectedHandler, this);

I populate my grid with the following data:

{ "segments":  [{"tierName": "tire4","pvName": "d2"}
               ,{"tierName": "tire3","pvName": "d1"}]}

Now when i select any checkbox the select event gets fired and calls the checkboxSelectedHandler method:

checkboxSelectedHandler: function(selectionModel, record, rowIndex ) {            
                 tierName = 'tier2';                     

Here it updates the tireName successfully, but the tick mark in the checkbox gets disappeared. While debugging i observed the tick mark goes off once record.set("tierName",tierName); gets called. Please suggest how to update the tierName cell without affecting the corresponding checkbox selection.

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