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When sending email it has the standard message below in the footer.

This email was sent using the CakePHP Framework,

It seems to use this one: /lib/Cake/Console/Templates/skel/View/Layouts/Emails/text

In my controller I have this.

$this->Email->sendAs = 'text';
$this->Email->template = 'dream';

Created the Views:

  • /app/View/Emails/text/dream.ctp
  • /app/View/Layouts/Emails/text/dream.ctp

Is there any other setting I miss to have cakephp using my layout?

*Note: if I rename my dream.ctp to default.ctp it uses that one, so it seems to ignore my template command? How odd.

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CakeEmail doesn't have a template property

Based on the paths shown in the question, you're using Cakephp 2. The Cake Email class does not have a template property - which is why manipulating it has no effect.

Refer to the documentation

The documentation includes examples of usage, e.g.:

$Email = new CakeEmail();
$Email->template('dream', 'dreamy')

This will send the dream email using the dreamy layout.

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Thank you for your reply, I understand v2 uses CakeEmail, do I only need to modify my controller to make use of the CakeEmail? I don't fancy to redo my contact form, it has many fields and some checkboxes. – Nick Apr 16 '13 at 6:33

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