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I'm trying to to write some custom definitions for the code counting tool cloc, but unfortunately regular expressions are not my strong point.

I'm struggling to write a regex that will match lines containing only whitespace before and/or after { or }

I also need to match lines that contain white space and } followed by the keyword else

i.e. in the following sample:

1  if ( some condition ) {
2     do something
3  } else if ( some other condition ) {
4     do this
5  } else {
6     do this
7  }
9  if ( some other condition ) 
10 {
11   do this
12 }

I need a regex that would match lines 5, 7, 10 and 12.

I started with a very simple \s*{ but this matches against lines that contains words as well.

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This regex follows your outlined specifications:

String regex = "\\s*[{}]\\s*|\\s*\\}\\s*else.*";

It matches lines containing either:

  • 0 or more spaces, followed by { or }, followed by 0 or more spaces


  • 0 or more spaces, followed by a }, then 0 or more spaces, then else, then anything.

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Thanks that's worked perfectly. –  Dave Apr 15 '13 at 11:03

The following regex would match lines consisting of more instance of the following: whitespaces, {, } or the word else components, but nothing else:

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