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I'm trying to extends from Map like this :

class TestClass extends Map {

Just by doing that i got an error Constructor '<default>' in class 'Map<dynamic, dynamic>' is not generative.

Don't know what to do, i add this : TestClass() : super();

I still got that same error.

Extra question :

Which one is the best approach, by extending Map like above or make a new class that has a property of a Map like this :

class TestClass {
    Map attr;
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Have you tried extending a concrete subclass of Map? class Testclass extends HashMap<String, String> –  DrColossos Apr 15 '13 at 11:41
When extending HashMap i got no errors and it seems ok, but what's the differene between Map and HashMap –  Otskimanot Sqilal Apr 16 '13 at 2:57

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Map is an abstract class (see: http://api.dartlang.org/docs/releases/latest/dart_core/Map.html) with a factory that (looking at the source code) creates a default HashMap implementation.

(you can see most of this yourself from the editor: rightclick "map" and select "open Declaration")

Simply calling the factory results in an error about HashMap not being a subclass of your class.

But I think that simply subclassing HashMap will give you what you want since that is the default implementation anyway.

To your extra question: subclassing a hashmap is often an anti-pattern (at least in Java, please correct me if something about Dart makes it safer) and rarely what you want to do, especially if containment will work. I'd recommend that.

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