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I am currently developing a web page that contains many animations.

code sample

<div id="a1">
    <img src="aaa/Test1.png" style="display:none;" id="img1"/>
<div id="a2">
    <img src="aaa/Test2.png" style="display:none;" id="img2"/>
<div id="a3">
    <img src="aaa/Test3.png" style="display:none;" id="img3"/>
             'marginLeft' : "0px"
        }, 2000);

I want to add common callback that called after each animation end. I don't want to write like

   'marginLeft' : "0px"
}, 2000,function(){callback();});

I just want add callback as a whole (like giving style to all div in jquery $('div').css("height","100px");)

Is there any code like this for giving callback to all animations in a page?

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Do you really need to bind every each img? If the binding attributes are the same it would be better to give them a class and target that.


$("#img1").fadeIn(3000,callback); //notice the use of the function name without trailing "()"

function callback() {
//you can use $(this) here
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Thanks. I am not aware of i can use $(this) in callback. – Gowsikan Apr 15 '13 at 10:39

ID is used to make item unique indentifier. Use classes

change all image tags and add class

<img src="aaa/Test1.png" style="display:none;" class="my_img"/>

then in jquery use


or anything u want. This code binds fadeIn to all items with class "my_img" if you want to bind it to all images inside div that has my_img class u can use

$("div img.my_img").fadeIn(3000,function(){callback();});
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