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I am trying to create a JTree in java swing now i want to change the node text at runtime


int a=1,b=2,c=3;
 DefaultMutableTreeNode root =
new DefaultMutableTreeNode("A"+a);
DefaultMutableTreeNode child[]=new DefaultMutableTreeNode[1];
DefaultMutableTreeNode grandChild[]= new DefaultMutableTreeNode[1];

child[0] = new DefaultMutableTreeNode("Central Excise"+b);
  grandChild[0]=new DefaultMutableTreeNode("CE Acts: "+c);
tree = new JTree(root);
 catch(Exception ex)


Now i want later on how can i change A 1 to a 2 dynamically and similarly in child and grand child nodes

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You are looking for javax.swing.tree.DefaultMutableTreeNode.setUserObject(Object)

DefaultTreeModel model = (DefaultTreeModel) tree.getModel();
DefaultMutableTreeNode root = (DefaultMutableTreeNode) model.getRoot();
root.setUserObject("My label");

This assumes that you are using the DefautltTreeModel.

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If you're not using a custom TreeModel, then the model of your tree is a DefaultTreeModel.

You'll need to walk the tree with some kind of comparator, given your DefaultMutableTreeNode getUserObject() (string or whatever) to achieve what you want.

You have 2 simple options accordingly to your question and the code that you pasted :

  • If your change is triggered by let's say a click event, you can get the selection and walk the tree from there.
  • Otherwise you'll need to walk the tree from the root

Upon successful changes, you'll need to fire events from the model that will trigger later a repaint of the view (nodesWereInserted, etc.).

Hope it helps

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