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I have a working custom-made mdm server, with enrolled iPads that respond correctly to pushed commands.

I currently deploy .ipa application on theses devices using the InstallApplication command, however, each time, the device displays a popup to ask for confirmation before installing/updating the app.

I'm currently asking for the highest available AccessRight (8191) in the com.apple.mdm payload.

I've heard that it was somehow possible to perform true unattended installs without this popup? Is it true? Does it require the configurator (can't be an option in my case, 100% ota)?

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I have never heard of unattended (silent) app install through MDM on iOS.

Based on MDM documentation it will always request a user approval for InstallApplication command.

Regarding Apple Configurator. You can make a device supervised and install MDM configuration profile on it. This way, initial configuration should be done through a tether, but you can do any follow up configurations through MDM. I doubt it, but may be supervised devices behaves differently (don't require a user acceptance) for InstallApplication command.

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This is now available for MDMs with iOS 7.

Chances are it will take your MDM software a while to implement the feature and make available to you though. At the time of this writing mine is "working on it for a future release."

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