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I want to use Devise in my App and i need guest user. I try to use this example -

Now, i want write some rspec tests for user to describe the behavior when user becomes a member (this is logging_in action in application controller).

So, my test now is like this:

post :create_guest_user
guest_user = User.find(session[:guest_user_id])

guest_user_id =

# Guest user create resume
post = => 'test of guest user') be_true
guest_user.posts.count.should == 1

# Guest user become a member

I don`t know, how to do '#Guest user become a member' section, i want to chek that new user will be creating after registration and all posts will be belong to him. In application controller i have

def logging_in    
guest_user.posts.each do |post|
  post.user = current_user

How i can do this?

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