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I installed Enthought Canopy and tried to add the vtk package from http://www.lfd.uci.edu/~gohlke/pythonlibs/ However, the installer does not recognize the python installation.

I believe this has something to do with the registry keys, so a similar problem to this question: Python version 2.6 required, which was not found in the registry

Putting the registry keys as recommended to: C:...\Local Settings\Application Data\Enthought\Canopy32\App\appdata\canopy- makes the python installation visible to the installer, but the installer the hangs up in the next step.

Is this a problem in Canopy or should I take another route to install additional packages which might not be available through easy_install.

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This is a limitation in the current Canopy installers. Another user described a manual workaround here: https://mail.enthought.com/pipermail/enthought-dev/2013-May/032416.html

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