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My compiler: Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.
My code is functional on detours 2.1 but I can't compile it with my compiler anymore (module unsafe for SAFESEH image.). I need to use an older compiler like MVS2005 but I'd rather not.

So I need to update my code and use detours 3.0.

Edited some stuff and got 4 errors.

error C3861: 'DetourFunction': identifier not found
error C3861: 'DetourFunction': identifier not found
error C3861: 'DetourRemove': identifier not found
error C3861: 'DetourRemove': identifier not found

This are the code blocks:

DetourFunction Error here

o_NtQuerySystemInformation = (t_NtQuerySystemInformation)DetourFunction((PBYTE)GetProcAddress(GetModuleHandle("ntdll.dll"), "NtQuerySystemInformation"), (PBYTE)My_NtQuerySystemInformation);
o_ZwOpenProcess = (t_ZwOpenProcess)DetourFunction((PBYTE)GetProcAddress(GetModuleHandle("ntdll.dll"), "ZwOpenProcess"), (PBYTE)My_ZwOpenProcess);

DetourRemove Error Here

    DetourRemove((PBYTE)o_NtQuerySystemInformation, (PBYTE)My_NtQuerySystemInformation);
    DetourRemove((PBYTE)o_ZwOpenProcess, (PBYTE)My_ZwOpenProcess);


So I tried to change it to DetourAttach and DetourDetach but I get a PBYTE to PVOID error.

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Where do you get that error? show the code. – Marius Bancila Apr 15 '13 at 11:17
This is the complete code: – madziikoy Apr 15 '13 at 11:22
Hey for anyone hitting this page I might have had the same pbyte/pvoid error, possibly look here: [link]… – wibble Feb 6 '14 at 0:58
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DetourFunction and DetourRemove have been replaced with DetourAttach and DetourDetach. Using them is not that hard, and the library comes with a set of samples where you could see how to use these APIs. Your code should look like this:

                      DWORD  ul_reason_for_call, 
                      LPVOID lpReserved
   if (ul_reason_for_call == DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH)
      o_NtQuerySystemInformation = (t_NtQuerySystemInformation)DetourAttach(&(PVOID&)GetProcAddress(GetModuleHandle("ntdll.dll"), "NtQuerySystemInformation"), My_NtQuerySystemInformation);
      o_ZwOpenProcess = (t_ZwOpenProcess)DetourAttach(&(PVOID&)GetProcAddress(GetModuleHandle("ntdll.dll"), "ZwOpenProcess"), My_ZwOpenProcess);

      MyModuleHandle = (HMODULE)hModule;
      MyPid = GetCurrentProcessId();
   if (ul_reason_for_call == DLL_PROCESS_DETACH)
      DetourDetach(&(PVOID&)o_NtQuerySystemInformation, My_NtQuerySystemInformation);
      DetourDetach(&(PVOID&)o_ZwOpenProcess, My_ZwOpenProcess);

   return TRUE;
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I know this thread is a graveyard but detours is seriously f***ing with my head. What is o_NtQuerySystemInformation a reference to? The pointer to the pointer to t_NtQuerySystemInformation in ntdll.dll? How would this be defined? – user2038443 Dec 22 '14 at 17:35

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