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i try to get the customerId in the Shipment PDF.

I tried this code (the output is in the right of any row after // )

$order = $shipment->getOrder();

$this->page->drawText($order->getCustomerEmail(), $this->margin_left, $this->y, $this->charset); //outputs the correct email

$this->page->drawText($order->getCustomerName(), $this->margin_left, $this->y, $this->charset); //outputs the correct name

$this->page->drawText($order->getCustomerId(), $this->margin_left, $this->y, $this->charset); //outputs nothing

$this->page->drawText(var_export($order->getCustomerId(), true), $this->margin_left, $this->y, $this->charset); //outputs 'NULL'

Did i forget something to draw the correct id of the customer ? My current version is 1.6.2.

Thanks for your solutions.

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The customer_id attribute is only filled when the order was placed by a registered and logged-in user.

For guests the customer_id attribute of the order is always null. That's why you get no output.

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Thanks dude! Thats it... i searched hours for a solution ... i tried it again with a Customer that is registered and it worked! I thougth the customer which was the "test" customer was already registered ... Thanks a lot! –  Timo Rütten Apr 15 '13 at 11:41

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