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I'm trying to create a Meeting entry via the API, but I can't seem to find it in my calendar even though it saved successfully (I got the ID back) and I can see it in the Meetings list.

What fields do I need to populate for it to show in my Sugar calendar? Here are the fields I'm populating:

 'assigned_user_id': '1', # My user's ID
 'date_end': '2013-04-16 01:30:00',
 'date_start': '2013-04-16 01:23:45',
 'description': 'hello world',
 'location': 'JCenter',
 'name': 'Test',
 'team_id': '1',
 'type': 'Sugar' # This doesn't seem to be required
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Try to set "user_id" and take a look into mettings_users table where you will find it.

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Did my answer help you or is the task resolved? Please give feedback on my answer. – pauel Apr 22 '13 at 10:44

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