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I want to compile a device driver in kernel, and I configure it with *, (not in module ). After the compilation, I can't see the device in /proc/device. Also I check the output of make bzImage, the driver has been compiled. Do I need to delete the two lines:


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There is not enough information to understand your problem. You should show some code.

Anyway, /proc/devices does not show all kernel module. It shows devices, maybe your driver is not registering a device.

You can put some printk() in your code and read it with the command dmesg from your terminal. If your read your print, your module is loaded.

Evan if you do not compile a module as module, but you built it within the kernel, functions


must be there. mydriver_init will be executed when the kernel load your driver, module_exit will be executed when the kernel unload your driver.

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The /proc/devices file which is read-only doesn't seem to be editable or viewable using editors like VIM. So try 'cat /proc/devices', your device may show up then.

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