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I have a table say tb_load_files. It contains fields file_name, file_date,file_loc,file_status

Now, File_status cane be x or y. The requirement is there can be multiple records for x status for combination of (file_name, file_date,file_loc) but only one record for y status.


file_name  file_date     file_loc  status
abc.txt     12-oct-07     NY         X
abc.txt     12-oct-07     NY         X
abc.txt     12-oct-07     NY         Y

abc.txt     12-oct-07     NY         Y    --  NOT ALLOWED

what could be the best way of designing these table?
  a. selecting data before insert
  b. trigger to check if value exists
or any other. Please advice

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Can you please clarify the requirements here? Why is that final record 'not allowed'? It sounds as if you are saying that any given Y record has to be unique, but X records do not have to be unique. However, if that is true, then your example is confusing. – moleboy Oct 21 '09 at 16:02
It is not clear why the last line is not allowed. The combination of file_name, file_date, and file_loc is the same as the first two rows, but they were ok? Perhaps a bit more explanation of what the "status" means would help. – Adam Hawkes Oct 21 '09 at 16:02

If there is going to be thousands of entries, I'd suggest that instead of wasting space by using multiple rows with the same data, add a column COUNT. The data can be then unique and can be better optimized with indexes if necessary.

Then, either create PL/SQL procedure callable by client, or (if client expects to work with table) create a updatable view + INSTEAD OF INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE triggers. Code inside it will just increase COUNT on existing record when status is X, or throw error if status is Y.

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+1 Valid point on data duplication. @Avinash, you may want to consider adding the count as suggested by Juraj or may be splitting/normalizing your tables to avoid duplication. – Preets Oct 22 '09 at 12:26
@Avinash, on what field is your table currently indexed ? – Preets Oct 22 '09 at 12:27

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