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I am writing batch and bash scripts to automate some websphere tasks.

I need to get the exit code of myscipt.jy back to the calling script, jython script

#I am testing exit status
import sys;

and the batch script is

REM superduper.cmd
profiles\myprofile\bin\wsadmin -lang jython -f myscript.jy
echo myscript.jy exited with %ERRORLEVEL%

Any ideas?

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I am using the following workaround to get around the problem

First write a key/value pair to a file from jython

#I am testing exit status
import sys;
logFile = open(heaplog, "w")

and then load the key/value as env. variable in batch and use it

FOR /F "tokens=*" %%i in ('type "%HEAPLOG%" ^| findstr /V /B #') DO SET %%i
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