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I am currently trying to add some Design to an selfprogrammed board. Somehow I am experiencing odd buggs with the CSS rendering:

enter image description here

Every Row of that board is a .BoardRow Class to be formated in CSS. So, I am using:

.BoardRow td {
    border: 2px dotted #4E6011;
    background-image:-webkit-linear-gradient(bottom, #FFFFFF 33%, #EFEFEF 90%); /* Chrome, Safari */

this to add some nice looking borders around each row. Somehow always the top row is failing to work as intended. When zooming in with CTRL + Mouse in Google Chrome the top border always changes as shown in the picture. What can i do about this?

EDIT: Here is the full generated HTML Code:

<div id="Top">
  <div id="Navi"> <a class="Link" href="index.php?s=home">Startseite</a> <a class="Link" href="index.php?s=physicians">Ärzteliste</a> <a class="Link" href="index.php?s=pmr">Polymyalgia Rheumatica</a> <a class="Link" href="index.php?s=logout">Abmelden</a> <a class="Link" href="index.php?s=course">Krankheitsverlauf</a> <a class="Link" href="index.php?s=board">Forum</a> </div>
<div id="Main">
  <table id="Board">
    Seite (1 von 1)
      <td class="BoardHeadline">Thema</td>
      <td class="BoardHeadline">Beiträge</td>
      <td class="BoardHeadline">Angesehen</td>
    <tr class="BoardRow">
      <td class="BoardName"><a href="index.php?s=board&threadid=3">asdfasdfas</a> von (Unbekannter Benutzer)<br />
        geschrieben am 25:03:2013 um 15:43 </td>
      <td class="BoardCounter">3</td>
      <td class="BoardCounter">20</td>
    <tr class="BoardRow">
      <td class="BoardName"><a href="index.php?s=board&threadid=5">Titelasdgkljahskjdghkjasg</a> von (Unbekannter Benutzer)<br />
        geschrieben am 25:03:2013 um 16:14 </td>
      <td class="BoardCounter">1</td>
      <td class="BoardCounter">4</td>
    <tr class="BoardRow">
      <td class="BoardName"><a href="index.php?s=board&threadid=6">asdjglkajsljkdg</a> von (Unbekannter Benutzer)<br />
        geschrieben heute um 12:58 </td>
      <td class="BoardCounter">3</td>
      <td class="BoardCounter">12</td>
  <br />
  <a href="index.php?s=board&action=newthread&where=2">Neues Thema eröffnen</a> </div>
<div id="UserPanel"> <a href="index.php?s=profile">Benutzerprofil</a> </div>

and here is the CSS:


Please note that i am not an HTML or CSS expert. ;)

I am using Google Chrome 19 (old portable version on my usb stick) but this is also occuring on the local installed IE 8.

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Please post your full CSS and HTML structure. Also, try putting together a jsFiddle. There's not enough information there to answer your question. –  BenM Apr 15 '13 at 12:21
If it's a rendering problem: Which browser, which version? Cannot reproduce so far –  Christoph Apr 15 '13 at 12:25
better to add a jsfidle –  chriz Apr 15 '13 at 12:28
It's not CSS problem. It's a rendering problem, related to pixels on your monitor. –  Miljan Puzović Apr 15 '13 at 12:33
added html code, css and information about the browser being used ... –  Shiuyin Apr 15 '13 at 12:35

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the problem is, the two dotted border are conflicting, try to use a border : colapse

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No, that can't be: - 1. i am already using border collapse for the whole table - 2. it should normally be an ----- row everywhere. Instead it is sometimes an ________ row. But this _____ row's position is changing as i zoom in / out! –  Shiuyin Apr 15 '13 at 12:52

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