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I am trying to put some of my OpenGL commands in an external library. To be specific, I'm currently drawing a 3d scene with Tcl language, and now I want to put some openGl functions (drawing functions for example) in a dll (programmed in C) and load it from Tcl. This is because I will have large quantity of data to render. With a compiled C library it will run faster.

However, I'm having problem doing so. When I launch my program, a "wglMakeCurrent failed" error occurs just before the second run of my display callback function.

Both Tcl and C parts report the same thread ID. So I suppose that I do not have to worry about multithreading and context sharing issue.

This is my display callback function:

proc DisplayCallback { toglwin } {

    # adjust camera and objects ... 

    if {[catch {set cubeList [ExternalDrawCube $::cube(size)]}]} {
        puts "Catch drawcube error !!"
    } else {
        glCallList $cubeList

    $toglwin swapbuffers

Any help or suggestions?

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What happens if the context you're trying to make current already is current? (The docs are unclear on this point; thanks for that, Microsoft!) –  Donal Fellows Apr 16 '13 at 5:20

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I finally found the stupid bug I did in my code..

In the C function, I wrote "glEnd" instead of "glEnd()". I forgot it when converting the code from tcl!

Hopefully this would help people who have similar wglMakeCurrent failed error...

Good debugging for all

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