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I had some difficulties finding the right post for hiding logs in Eclipse for Android (maybe because of the keywords of the subject), that's why I created one. Here is the post I found : (look at ZoFreX's answer, the simplest)

How to exclude certain messages by TAG name using Android adb logcat?

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The filter that I have found to work the best for me is:


This works for anything from my experience. I have threads that run infinite loops creating a ton of spam logs that aren't associated with and tags so I just put in part of the log message in the text_to_filter_out_here part and no more logs appear.

Also possible duplicate of these two:

How can I stop admob from spamming my logcat?

How to filter out a tagname in Eclipse LogCat viewer

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I tried it and it seemed to work the same. Do you know the difference between the two expressions? There must be one I guess – WhiskThimble Apr 15 '13 at 14:34
My guess is that the other is for Tags only, while I know that this can be used to filter out system generated messages that have no tag associated with them. From my experience this has worked better for me and seems a little more powerful becuase it can filter out system logs. – TronicZomB Apr 15 '13 at 14:36

There seem to be (for the moment) no explicit way to hide some logs (from 'libgps' for example). To hide posts which tags are 'tag_1' and 'tag_2', click on the green plus and fill the 'by log Tag' field with :


And so on if you want to add some tags to hide

Hope this will be helpful

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