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Is it possible to embed links containing wildcards in an svg file? I have an SVG file I want to use as a template with different linked files. In some of the SVGs I want to use picture1 and others I want to use picture2 without having to modify the SVG file.

Current code which is embedding the photo correctly looks like this:

<image overflow="visible" width="100" height="100" id="Measurement" xlink:href="subfolder/measurement1.png">

I want to be able to access any subfolder/*.png so that if I put measurement2.png in place of measurement1.png it will still work.

I realize that it's probably poor form to do a simple * .png wildcard without regular expressions to match just the right one; however, i'm comfortable making sure there is only one .png file in the referenced folder. I attempted just replacing "measurement1.png" with "*.png" and that didn't work.

Does SVG support embedding of bitmap images? provided some background about linking.

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