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My solution has the following projects:


testproject has no connection with all other projects in the solution. Whenever I start to debug the testproject, the VS always tries to compile/build all other projectX. Here is my finding:

Under the Project Dependencies, I didn't choose any projectX. However, under the build order, the VS lists all projectX+testproject there.

Is there a way that I can tell VS don't compile/build projectX when I debug testproject?

Thank you

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If you right-click your solution from within Visual Studio and select properties a dialog box will pop up allowing you to setup different solution configuration behavior. You can create a test or debug configuration and choose which projects you want to build or not build.

Solution Property Pages

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Thanks. I was almost about to pull my hair out!!! This saved me. – Sid Sarasvati Jul 2 '14 at 16:26

The simplest way to handle this:

Right click any project you don't want to build, and select "Unload project". It will be "greyed out" and inactive. When want it back, right click and select "Reload project".

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