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Assume i have lots of variables

String not_id, not_section, not_steet, not_sqTotal, not_sqLiving, not_sqKitchen, not_flat, not_floor, not_floors, not_text, user_phone1, user_phone2, user_contact, not_region, not_district, not_settle, not_price, not_photo, not_date, not_date_till, not_up, not_premium, not_status;

not_id= not_section= not_steet= not_sqTotal= not_sqLiving=
                not_sqKitchen= not_flat= not_floor= not_floors= not_text=
                user_phone1= user_phone2= user_contact= not_region= not_district=
                not_settle= not_price= not_photo= not_date= not_date_till= not_up=
                not_premium= not_status=region_title=district_title=settle_title=section_title="";

i need to change their values using someFunction

not_id = someFunction(not_id);

How can i do such action for all variables?

Please, dont propose to use arrays, lists and other sort of collections if it assumes changing variable names to some uniform name.

I van to know if there is such possibility within java itself, eclipse ide or eclipse plugins.

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The only way is to repeat the line... but why don't you just use an array (String[])? –  jamp Apr 15 '13 at 14:57
You will end in a code duplication and maintenance hell with such variable declarations. Use a Map instead. –  Bananeweizen Apr 16 '13 at 6:25
i need this for gui, i dont know how i can work with gui using map –  Yarh Apr 16 '13 at 6:48

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This is going to lead to somewhat unmaintainable code, but you could do it pretty easily with a regular expression search & replace on that second statement, replacing "var_name=" with "var_name = someFunction(var_name);".

Find: ([^=])+=

Replace with: \1 = someFunction(\1);

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is someFunction a java method? or it is some simple transformer that is changing from not_([a-z])(\w*) to not[A-Z]\2? If you are only changing variable names use eclipse's excellent refactoring rename bound to Ctrl+Shift+R that can change all occurrences taking to account scope rules

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it is a java method, but your tip is also helpfull –  Yarh Apr 15 '13 at 16:51

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