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So I have this:

std::vector<EnemyInterface*> _activeEnemies;

where EnemyInterface looks like this:

#include "Ogre.h"

class EnemyInterface{
  virtual void update(const Ogre::Real deltaTime) = 0;
  virtual void takeDamage(const int amountOfDamage, const int typeOfDamage) = 0;
  virtual Ogre::Sphere getWorldBoundingSphere() const = 0;
  virtual ~EnemyInterface(){} 

I create a new enemy:

// Spikey implements EnemyInterface
activeEnemies.push_back( (EnemyInterface*) &Spikey(_sceneManager, Ogre::Vector3(8,0,0)) );

And I want to call the update function on every enemy, but it crashes:

// update enemies
for (std::vector<EnemyInterface*>::iterator it=_activeEnemies.begin(); it!=_activeEnemies.end(); ++it){
        (**it).update(timeSinceLastFrame); // Option 1: access violation reading location 0xcccccccc
        (*it)->update(timeSinceLastFrame); // Option 2: access violation reading location0xcccccccc

I can see the enemy on screen, but I cannot access it. Any help would be appreciated.

Spikey.h looks like this:

#include "EnemyInterface.h"

class Spikey: virtual public EnemyInterface{
int thisID;
static int ID;

Ogre::SceneNode* _node;
Ogre::Entity* _entity;
Spikey(Ogre::SceneManager* sceneManager, const Ogre::Vector3 spawnPos);

// interface implementation
virtual void update(const Ogre::Real deltaTime);
virtual void takeDamage(const int amountOfDamage, const int typeOfDamage);
virtual Ogre::Sphere getWorldBoundingSphere() const;
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It's because you create a temporary object in your push_back call. As soon as the push_back function returns that object is no more, and leaves you with a dangling pointer.

You have to create a new object using new instead:

activeEnemies.push_back(new Spikey(_sceneManager, Ogre::Vector3(8,0,0)));
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Thank you, @Joachim Pileborg! –  Close Call Apr 15 '13 at 23:04


activeEnemies.push_back( (EnemyInterface*) &Spikey(_sceneManager, Ogre::Vector3(8,0,0)) );


activeEnemies.push_back( new Spikey(_sceneManager, Ogre::Vector3(8,0,0)) );

And this is the correct call


Your vector contains EnemyInterface*.

So *it gives you EnemyInterface* - i.e. a pointer to EnemyInterface. You can call a method using pointer to an object by using ->

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But since Spikey inherits from EnemyInterface isn't the cast redundant? –  Adri C.S. Apr 15 '13 at 15:13
@AdriC.S. Will update. Missed that - was looking more at the &temp thing. Thank you –  user93353 Apr 15 '13 at 15:15
It's nothing! :) –  Adri C.S. Apr 15 '13 at 15:18

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