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I'm downloading files in Python using ftplib and up until recently everything seemed to be working fine. I am downloading files as such:

ftpSession = ftplib.FTP(host,username,password)
ftpFileList = filter(lambda x: 'PEDI' in x, ftpSession.nlst())
for f in ftpFileList:
    tempFile = open(os.path.join(localDirectory,f),'wb')
    ftpSession.retrbinary('RETR '+f,tempFile.write)

Up until recently it was downloading the files I needed just fine, as expected. Now, however, My files I'm downloading are corrupted and just contain long strings of garbage ASCII. I know that it is not the files posted onto the FTP I'm pulling them from because I also have a Perl script that does this successfully from the same FTP.

If it is any additional info, here's what the debugger puts out in the command prompt when downloading a file:

enter image description here

Has anyone encountered any issues with corrupted file contents using retrbinary() in Python's ftplib?

I'm really stuck/frustrated and haven't come across anything related to possible corruption here. Any help is appreciated.

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