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I have this code:

        var products = kf.Collections.products.filter(function(product) {
            return product.get("NominalCode") == chargeType

        if (products.length) {
            for (x in products) {
                products[x] = products[x].toJSON();

        return products;

Am I right in thinking there might be a more Backbone way of doing the for in loop?

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I don't think there is. You could create a volatile collection, but that would mean more code executed, and it would mess the collection attribute inside your models. –  Loamhoof Apr 15 '13 at 15:27

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You can simplify your filter by using Collection.where

where collection.where(attributes)
Return an array of all the models in a collection that match the passed attributes. Useful for simple cases of filter.

and you can remove your for loop by using _.invoke

invoke _.invoke(list, methodName, [*arguments])
Calls the method named by methodName on each value in the list. Any extra arguments passed to invoke will be forwarded on to the method invocation.

These modifications could look like

var products = kf.Collections.products.where({
    NominalCode: chargeType

return _.invoke(products, 'toJSON');


If you don't mind changing the order of operations, with chained methods

return kf.Collections.products.chain().
    where({NominalCode: chargeType}).


Or as suggested by @kalley in the comments, a simple

_.where(kf.Collections.products.toJSON(), { NominalCode: chargeType })
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You could also just _.where(kf.Collections.products.toJSON(), { NominalCode: chargeType }) –  kalley Aug 7 '13 at 14:01
@kalley You're completely right, I added that to my answer –  nikoshr Aug 7 '13 at 14:06

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