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I have three tables . I want to update TableC rows which have column Price=0

Table A

StoreId rate
1       100   
2       200


ProductId StoreId
11           1
22           2
30           1
40           1
67           2


ProductID Quantity Price
11           20     0
22           30     6000
30           100    0 
40           200    0
67           370    0

I want to update TableC rows which have Price=0 by multiplying Quantity (obtained from Table C ) with Rate ( obtained from TableA ) linked by TableB

Now my confusion is below approach will work if I have to update single row of TableC

declare @rate int,declare @qty int

select @rate =rate , @qty=quantity
from tableA a
inner join tableB b
   on a.storeId=b.storeId
inner join tableC c
   on b.productId=c,productId
--where c.productId=somevalue --one row returned
-- where c.Price=0  -- returns multiple row -- update wont work
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When working with a SQL database, you should always think in terms of updating a set, not a single row. That's why JW's solution below makes sense. – Jeff Rosenberg Apr 15 '13 at 15:32
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You can directly update TableC by joining TableB and TableC on it.

SET     c.Price = c.Quantity * a.Rate
FROM    TableC c
        INNER JOIN TableB b
            ON c.ProductID = b.ProductID
        INNER JOIN TableA a
            ON b.StoreID = a.StoreID
WHERE   c.Price = 0
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let me try this out , question posted is a highly simplified version of what i am trying to implement but I hope Caption JW will guide my sinking ship through the stormy sea of tsql .. – mudassir hasan Apr 15 '13 at 15:34

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