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Say I have a database called "awesome" which is located on a live server and at the same time duplicated on a staging server for testing. My web app is based on Play 2.1.1 using Scala.
So I have these datasources defined in my application.conf file:

db.awesome-test.driver= com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

db.awesome-live.driver= com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

Depending on what environment I am on, I would like to use either DB.withConnection("awesome-test") or DB.withConnection("awesome-live"). I am controlling this via another value in my config; so I e.g. put environment=awesome-live in there and then get the respective connection string via Play.configuration.

Now, the problem is that apparently play attempts to create a DB connection to each datasource defined in the config right away. A) This fails depending on which environment I am on. E.g. on the staging machine I will get something like this (pic is only a mock-up of course) because the live DB is not reachable:

...although it is completely unnecessary to try to connect to that DB, because it will never be used in this environment. B) Even if the connection would work, of course it would not be feasable to create two connections (live and testing) when only one of the two is ever needed.

Is there a way to tell Play to defer/postpone creation of the DB connection until it is actually needed (e.g. when DB.getConnection("...") or DB.withConnection("...") or something is called for that datasource)? I am thinking something like db.awesome-live.deferCreation=true.

Cheers, Alex

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I'd say that you have two ways of doing this.

Everything is explained at the Play! Documentation: Additional configuration

Specifying alternative configuration file


db.awesome.driver= com.mysql.jdbc.Driver


db.awesome.driver= com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

In code you always use DB.withConnection("awesome").

Start the application with

$ start -Dconfig.resource=test.conf


$ start -Dconfig.resource=live.conf

Overriding specific configuration keys

In your case that means:

$ start -Ddb.awesome-live.deferCreation=true
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Nice, thanks! Especially the include "application.conf" functionality seems perfect for my scenario. I'll simply define the environment-specific stuff in separate files without having to duplicate the config that both environments have in common. –  alexander.biskop Apr 16 '13 at 10:09
@alexander.biskop Yes, that is definitely the way to do it! –  maba Apr 16 '13 at 10:11

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