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Some mobile GPU doesn't support integral modulo operation. So I have to implement modulo operation using floating-point precision. Implementation of fmod in Cg standard library is as follows.

float2 fmod(float2 a, float2 b)
  float2 c = frac(abs(a/b))*abs(b);
  return (a < 0) ? -c : c;   /* if ( a < 0 ) c = 0-c */

And usually "a/b" is calculated as "a * rcp( b )". In some cases fmod returns unexpected value because of floating-point error (for instance, when a == b). Is there light-weight way to overcome the error? One idea is adding a bias like fmod(a + bias, b) where 0.0 < bias < 1.0. But it's not robust. Any comment or pointer to reference is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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