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I have an query like this:

SELECT * FROM `tbl_shop` 
  (LOWER (CONCAT(address, name)) LIKE (LOWER ('%boston%')) AND
   LOWER (CONCAT(address, name)) LIKE (LOWER('%smoke%')));

My question is simple - is there any way how to write this code without need to repeat CONCAT(address, name) part?

I tried

SELECT * FROM `tbl_shop`
  (LOWER (CONCAT(address, name)) LIKE (LOWER ('%boston%')) AND (LOWER('%smoke%')));

But this was not giving any results. I simply need all results, which contain both words. I can not use full text, because I am using inno db and want to keep it.

Thanks in advance.

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You can do

   SELECT a.*, LOWER(CONCAT(a.address, a.name)) AS field_to_check
WHERE b.field_to_check LIKE (LOWER ('%boston%')) 
 AND  b.field_to_check LIKE (LOWER('%smoke%'));

However, it's just syntax sugar, and it shouldn't be a difference in performance.

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performance is important for me. if there is no difference, the first way is more readable for me and will probably stay with it. thank you for reply! –  kokoseq Apr 15 '13 at 17:19

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