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I have the following ASP:Menu

<asp:Menu id="menu_mymenu" runat="server"  OnMenuItemClick="menu_mymenu_Click">
        <asp:MenuItem Text="menu_1" Value ="menu_1">
            <asp:MenuItem Text="menu_a" Value="menu_a" />
            <asp:MenuItem Text="menu_b" Value="menu_b"/>

On mouse over it displays submenus menu_a and menu_b. I would like the onclick on menu_1 to display the submenus menu_a and menu_b in the same way without posting back. Is there anyway to do this?

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It looks like this is not something that is particularly easy to do and may be a bit hacky. I've seen a lot of suggestions of trying to use a treeview instead of the menu control. Anyway here are some resources I found and a solution that appears may do the trick:


Is it possible to force a menu popout to trigger on click instead of mouseover?

If it is absolutely necessary to have this be on click then it would be worth looking into a solution that fits your needs. In this case I would recommend looking into a treeview or looking at a purely css / javascript solution.

Hopefully this gets you down the right path!

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Thanks for the links. It looks like if I want to get it to work it is gonna be a hacky solution. I may look into a different menu system. –  drobison Apr 15 '13 at 18:33

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