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I have this one in View:

     foreach (var item in (List<MyType>)ViewData["MyTypeArray"])
                    <%=Html.CheckBox("MyTypeFlags" + item.BitNumber),
                    /* Model goes here*/, 
                   new {@value = (1 << item.BitNumber)})%> // html attr

and I want do smth like this in Controller:

  foreach (var item in MyDynamicallyCreatedArray)
 //if (["MyTypeFlags" + item.BitNumber] != 0) // This shoud be changed

Question is how should I declare MyDynamicallyCreatedArray and go through the cycle?

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You should look at using a "view model". You basically create "Models" just for your view that contain the data items you need in your view.

I use these quite often and they are really a great way of getting data in and out of your view.

For an example you can view here:

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I understand that's not very good decision, and I should use strongly typed views, but just now I need as is – Alexander Oct 21 '09 at 17:26

Take a look at Phil Haack's post, it gets a bit tricker with checkboxes as if a box is unchecked then it doesnt submit a value.

Model Binding to a List

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