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private void PerformValuations(DateTime testDate, RegressionEffectivenessTest.RegressionDateWithValues date)
            var valueDate = new LegacyWCFRateTimeStamp { Type = RateTimeStampType.EndOfDay, TimeStamp = date.ValueDate };
            var curveDate = new LegacyWCFRateTimeStamp { Type = RateTimeStampType.EndOfDay, TimeStamp = date.CurveDate };
            var shiftDate = new LegacyWCFRateTimeStamp { Type = RateTimeStampType.EndOfDay, TimeStamp = date.ShiftDate };
            if (date.NeedHedgeValues)
                date.HedgeCleanPrice = 0M;
                date.HedgeCleanIntrinsicValue = 0M;
                foreach (var tran in _hedgeTranQuoteIds)
                    var tranquoteId = tran.TranQuoteId;
                    CheckAndLoadTrade(testDate, valueDate, shiftDate, curveDate, tran, tranquoteId);
                    var result = ValueTrade(tranquoteId);

                    var rtnVal = !result.Succeeded
                                     ? HandleFailure(tranquoteId, shiftDate, curveDate, result, valueDate)
                                     : CreateAccountingValuation(valueDate, result);
                    date.HedgeCleanIntrinsicValue += rtnVal.IntrinsicValue - rtnVal.AccruedInterest.GetValueOrDefault(0);
                    date.HedgeCleanPrice += rtnVal.CleanPrice;

So I'm trying to run a Parallel.ForEach on this method. There were a couple of things that I was worried about. The first one is within the CheckAndLoadTrade method, it accesses a private Dictionary of the class to possibly add an item to it if it isn't there, and then the ValueTrade method gets an item from this dictionary.

If I parallel this out, am I going to run into any thread safety issues with the dictionary being accessed? Or possibly anything else I didn't notice? All other method calls use variables defined in their own scope, it's really just this one Dictionary that I am worried about. Should I throw a lock before and after the actual dictionary access happens?

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Are the date values shared between loops? Because += operations (that occur on its HedgeCleanIntrinsicValue and HedgeCleanPrice) are not thread-safe. Perhaps you should post your CheckAndLoadTrade method. Anything happen in CreateAccountingValuation or ValueTrade that should be noted? – Chris Sinclair Apr 15 '13 at 19:33
How do you want this access to work? if you iterate over a shared _hedgeTranQuoteIds (whether it is defined as a concurrent list or NOT) you will potentially get duplicate tran values handled by multple threads. Is this what you want? Does any method remove the object retrieved by tran from the list so it doesn't re-retrieve? If retrieving the same value is ok, then yes, just make the CheckAndLoad method and the ValueTrade methods lock the dictionary on entry. However, depending on your code, you may be able to get away with only using a concurrent dictionary. – xagyg Apr 17 '13 at 1:48
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What part are you trying to parallelize? The foreach loop?

If you can, use a ConcurrentDictionary. within CheckAndLoadTrade. Another concern is what code runs when the trade is not in the dictionary. Is the "loadtrade" code thread-safe?

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The answer to your first question: yes. And when the trade is not in the dictionary, the LoadTrade method runs and yes it is thread safe minus the fact that it's accessing the same dictionary. Everything it does minus that is a call to a web service and handles its own variables. – Scott Apr 15 '13 at 19:23
then, if you can change the method to use a ConcurrentDictionary that will likely be the most performant approach. – Brandon Apr 15 '13 at 20:03

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