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I thought that if you registered a view with the IoC container as "Singleton" then the same instance would be reused each time you navigate to it, while registering the view as "Transient" would create a new instance each time you navigate to it. Unless I'm doing something wrong, I've found that the IoC "lifestyle" makes no difference, and it's the IRegionMemberLifetime.KeepAlive property that dictates whether the view is re-used or recreated each time. Is this correct? (I'm using Castle Windsor IoC).

When Prism documentation talks about a view being "deactivated", is this simply the process of hiding the view when it is navigated from? And if KeepAlive=False, does the view get disposed at this point?

What about nested views/regions? If a view contains a region with another view inside of it, and I navigate away from the parent view, do both views get deactivated/destroyed (depending on the value of KeepAlive)? What about ClearChildViewsRegionBehavior - where does this fit into things?

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I don't know if this apply to your situation but I implement the interface INavigationAware.
If a view should be reused for every navigation I always return true from the IsNavigationTarget method.

public bool IsNavigationTarget(NavigationContext navigationContext)
    return true;
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I just stumpeled upon a Prism article which had some information regarding your question. Have a look at step 3b: codeproject.com/Articles/165376/A-Prism-4-Application-Checklist – Björn Apr 16 '13 at 13:14

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